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From a visual standpoint, our 8th collection takes cues from its title 'Komorebi', referring to the dancing shadows cast by sunlight leaking through leaves. Yet upon closer inspection, the collection marks a notable shift in Vuja De’s core ethos and design doctrine as a reflection and awareness of ordinary items and how we utilize the resources around us: an affinity with everyday objects.In particular, our product lineup this season reimagined bedcovers as wearable garments. We worked our way from the inside out, with significant attention first being placed on the fabrication and construction of the interior of each piece to maximize comfort and optimize the relationship between fabric and skin.







Vuja Déは、輸送中の荷物の盗難や紛失について責任を負いません。このようなクレームは、お客様から該当する運送業者に申し出ていただく必要があります。



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